The HBSComply Solution

What if your Law Enforcement Agency could have a one stop shop for all your professional standard’s needs including policy management, internal affairs, use of force, red flags, and more?

How it works


Policy Management

Our onboarding team will upload and organize your standard operating procedures and produce attestations and quizzes to ensure your officers have read and understand those policies. A mobile friendly platform makes it easy to search on key elements of a policy on the go.


Paperless Reporting

Use of Force, Pursuit of Vehicle, Extra Jobs, Firearms Qualifications, and a host of other incidents are key to a law enforcement agency and these workflows often need to go through several reviews including body camera and other documentation. We'll create the forms and supervisory workflows to match your paper forms making life immediately more efficient and easier. You can even use our platform for personnel performance reviews.


Internal Investigations

Internal Affairs or professional standards will often be in a position to need to investigate internal matters. HBSComply offers software that will allow Internal Affairs officers to log cases internally. Track Officer complaints and identify trends with our internal investigations modules.



Whether through E-Learning or onsite classroom training, HBSComply provides the functionality you need to reinforce policy. E-Learning & Training Software for your Reporting Needs have never been easier and more efficient.


Reporting & Dashboards

We have a host of canned and customized reports, dashboards and more. Our Reporting portal not only provides you with answers and the ability to save time, but also the ability to conduct important trend analysis on key areas of risk within your agency to drive the policies of the future. Search on individual employees, build reports on demographics for use of force, and identify areas of improvement to better your agency.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay

Small Organization

Includes 100 seats

$5,000/ per year
  • Policy Management
  • Use of Force
  • Custom Forms & Reporting
  • E-Learning
  • Training & Accreditation
  • Internal Affairs Case Management
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Large Organization

For more than 100 seats

  • Policy Management
  • Use of Force
  • Custom Forms & Reporting
  • E-Learning
  • Training & Accreditation
  • Internal Affairs Case Management
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How does onboarding work?

Onboarding is seamless and quick in comparison to other law enforcement providers. We walk you through the process to ensure a successful launch and our support team is always available.

What if I need to Print a Form?

Paperless is great! However we know that sometimes you need to have a piece of paper in your hand. All paperless forms can be converted to PDF and printed and they will look like the forms you used to have.

Can I use HBSComply on a tablet or mobile device?

Our clients access the site via all forms of mobile device in order to ensure that they do work while on the move. No more firearms qualifications with paper flapping in the wind downrange.

Can our electronic forms be customized to match our current paper forms?

Yes all electronic forms and workflows can be customized to match the look and feel that your employees are used to. There are no limits to the forms, the data, and how they can be presented.