The Next Generation Compliance Platform For First Responders

HBSComply is a compliance platform that enables 100% paperless reporting, with a heavy focus on Use of Force compliance. Save time, budget, and department reputation in one platform.

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Paperless Reporting Made Easy

Immediate ability to utilize mobile friendly paperless reporting for firearms qualifications, extra job requests, pursuit of vehicle, and so many more professional standards workflows matching the look and feel that your agency is used to on paper.

Firearms Qualification
Extra Jobs
Rifle Inspections
Use of Force
Pursuit of Vehicle
Customized Forms
Corrections Wellness
Vehicle Maintenance
Evidence Tracking
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Use of Force, Reporting, & Supervisory Reviews

Use of Force Supervisory Reviews, trend analysis, and data to quickly and accurately provide reporting for use of force where necessary. Track trends within your agency on use of force statistics and demographic information as well as to institute a strong supervisory review process.

Customized Forms

Match your customized paper forms electronically.

Customized Supervisory Reviews

Ensure Use of Force supervisory reviews take place with body camera and other supporting documentation.

Data and Reporting

Identify Use of Force demographics and trend analysis data.


An all encompassing platform puts policy management, training, internal affairs, and all professional standards topics at your fingertips. Track progress of your officers, identify weak points or non performing staff, and make decisions with actionable intelligence.

Custom Reporting

Track the training, policy, use of force, and other important metrics to strengthen your agency.

Download Reports to Excel, PDF, or build your charts

Data on your agency the way you need to see it.

Search & Audit Tools

Internal affairs search and audit tools, case management, and more.


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay

Small Organization

Includes 100 seats

$5,000per year
  • Policy Management
  • Use of Force
  • Custom Forms & Reporting
  • E-Learning
  • Training & Accreditation
  • Internal Affairs Case Management
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Large Organization

For more than 100 seats

  • Policy Management
  • Use of Force
  • Custom Forms & Reporting
  • E-Learning
  • Training & Accreditation
  • Internal Affairs Case Management
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How does onboarding work?

Onboarding is seamless and quick in comparison to other law enforcement providers. We walk you through the process to ensure a successful launch and our support team is always available.

What if I need to Print a Form?

Paperless is great! However we know that sometimes you need to have a piece of paper in your hand. All paperless forms can be converted to PDF and printed and they will look like the forms you used to have.

Can I use HBSComply on a tablet or mobile device?

Our clients access the site via all forms of mobile device in order to ensure that they do work while on the move. No more firearms qualifications with paper flapping in the wind downrange.

Can our electronic forms be customized to match our current paper forms?

Yes all electronic forms and workflows can be customized to match the look and feel that your employees are used to. There are no limits to the forms, the data, and how they can be presented.

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